We are always on the look out for funky, beautiful and informative stuff. We want to promote as many people out there as we possibly can and have a very much no-holds-barred approach to all things. All that we ask is that whatever you submit is film, cinematography or TV inspired. If you’re old fashioned (ignoring the fact that you’re contacting us on this funny interwebby thing) and prefer books as your inspiration, that’s cool to, we also love a good book. That doesn’t mean we want you to send us any old nonsense just because you’ve themed it around White House Down, you still need to engage your creative brain and combine it with some intellect (or research, whichever is easier). We don’t care if it’s a westernised blockbuster; we love all film and cinema, from the original Korean “Oldboy” to, as you will see on our fashion articles, the more obscure but beautiful French film. We want you to tell us a story and we want you to make us ask questions of the subject matter and ourselves.


There are some important things to know before you start sending stuff to us, firstly, and this is really important. We are very busy so cannot reply to everyone that sends stuff to us, we want to and we’d love to, but it is physically impossible. That means, if we don’t respond, then we aren’t going to run with whatever you have sent to us, no matter how many times you email us. Continuing to email about the same thing will inevitably end up pissing people off and we don’t want anyone to be unhappy, least of all ourselves.

With that bit said, lets get on and see what else we need to know when you send us stuff.

Photography & Illustration Guidelines

There should be a minimum of 8 images, it is important to remember that one spread, otherwise known as a DPS (Double Page Spread, see aren’t we nice, we even tell you the meanings to the nonsense terms you’ve read but didn’t know), is two opposing pages, which can run either two images or one single landscape image. Our spreads are A4 in orientation, if your images aren’t that’s fine, we will lay them out how we like to see them and how we want our viewers to see them.

We like high resolution images (300dpi) so we can control the resolution of images delivered via our digital platform and also give us an archive should we decide to put out an archive printed coffee table magazine/book.

We only want unique images, great if you’re in love with them, but don’t put them on your website, facebook, twitter, instagram or whatever service you’re using until we’ve seen them. If you have put them out there into the public domain, then it will be an instant NO, even if we really like the stuff you’re sending in.

Once we accept the images we would like exclusivity over those images for 12 months, again because of the printed coffee table magazine/book. For example, if you send us something in December/January we may want to print the story again when the coffee table book comes out. Hence the 12 months, we don’t want to run anything that isn’t exclusively Effigy.

We need you to think about titling your work, we can do that, but you’re best placed to do that as you’re the one creating it from your own sets of unique inspiration. We may suggest a different title when we see the work, but its still a good idea to think about the title yourself, it also proves you care about what you’re sending out.

We will need full credits including web links to the creative teams, products they use, the garments used, everything. Without them we may not run with what you have.

Finally, we really want you to give us a paragraph that describes what your images are about, how you came to make them and why they exist. We know a picture speaks a thousand words, but some people like to be spoon fed before they can enjoy the visuals to their fullest extent.

Films & Video Guidelines

This is an area where things are a little wishy washy because of how diverse our tastes are. All we can say categorically is that we do not want to see your “porn” films, Erotica yes, nudity yes, but “Porn”, no thanks we’re not interested. Well, there is one other thing, we want the film to tell a story, we want to be taken on a journey by the characters or the cinematography. For the length of the film we want to feel like we’re going somewhere and not just being bombarded with noise, both visual and audible. Other than that, bring it on we want to see it.

We want to know the DoP, Director, Cast and we want a brief synopsis of the story. If we like what you send us we would like to add a title sequence to the beginning of it so we will need either your permission to do that, or we will send you the title sequence so you can get your own editors to add it in.

Writing Guidelines

We have a pretty laid back writing style here, remember that. We don’t want anything staccato, its boring.

We use the Queen’s English as a general rule of thumb, but we will overlook z’s and s’s for the most part, we don’t want to spend hours re-writing stuff, so we wont.

Make sure you’ve got your facts right, if you’re quoting facts and figures make sure they’re correct and supply the appropriate source references.

If there are supporting images, make sure there are quotable credits where possible, or a link to where the images are already used, or a link to the library they are from.

We will likely choose a title for your piece that is in keeping with our style, but please do suggest a title you would like that you think is in keeping with our style of article title.

Lastly, but most importantly, please DO have an opinion and set it out within the first few lines of text, then quantify your opinion.


From time to time we do commission pieces, we generally use our pool of previous contributors for such things, so if you are after a commissioning letter then you will need to have contributed before and/or have access to something that we really, really want. Don’t be shy though, just get in touch, the worst we can say is no.


If you’re submitting an event for us to list, then it’s very simple. All you need to do is make sure we have the dates, the name of the event, the links to the event, the organisers and their links and a location for the event. We are only interested in things that are film, tv, fashion and art related. Sending us party details will just end up getting you black listed and ignored (likely forever).

Right so you’ve now read all of the above and still want to talk to us, great, we want to hear from you and see everything you want us to see, drop us an email to our Submissions people and be sure to say what it is about in the subject.