Don't be Timid

Louis Mariette, a milliner to the regal by trade, a truly genuine and fun man by design and unselfishly generous by choice. Louis is a rare jewel to be fair, as everyone that makes his acquaintance very quickly discovers. As a panel judge on the hit modelling show “Britains Next Top Model” he was loved by all and still is. Louis Mariette’s creations gave him the fun title of the Mad Hatter, his designs come from within and he doesn’t hold back when he thinks its right for the piece.

Louis Mariette is also the Vice President of the “Children’s Trust“, when producing a piece for the charity he decided to combine his inspiration research with a charity trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro, no mean feat, even for this Marathon runner. Kilimanjaro stands some 5,896 meters above sea level and it’s trek can be both beautiful and treacherous.

Louis found a friend in the local expedition leader, Huw, whom Louis, in his diaries, lovingly refers to as “Captain Caveman”. Huw proved to be a very useful man to have around.

The landscape and fauna proved to be breathtaking and Louis managed to capture some amazing images on his journey. The diaries make for fun reading, we’re certainly not sure we’d survive the first 1,000 meters, let alone reaching the summit. We will be publishing the full diaries on here soon, check back soon for the full story with all of the nuances that only Louis Mariette can provide. In the meantime please do give generously, children everywhere need our help.

Images courtesy of Louis Mariette

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