Don't be Timid

We’ve followed Steven Frayne’s amazing career path from the very early days; before he exploded leaving small parts of himself embedded in everyone he met, to be remembered for a lifetime. To many DYNAMO felt like an overnight sensation but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Steven practised and plied his amazing talent every day, working relentlessly to be the best he could possibly be. Cards are of course where many street magicians start life, the components of the illusion are easily obtainable and as importantly, easily replaceable. Steven didn’t want to be just another card toting street magician and we are very glad he isn’t, cards are child’s play in comparison to the illusions this wizard performs on the street around the globe.


When we first met him many moons ago in a small office, we just knew he was destined for great things. Not just because he’d managed to completely hold us spellbound with a simple card trick, but because his passion and awe at the stage set before him completely humbled us. He was on the cusp of greatness and if we’d have asked him if he thought his name would be up there with the likes of Penn and Teller and David Blaine he’d have laughed and shied away. But that is the reality today with his name in the list of top 5 coolest magicians. The humble kid from Bradford has taken the world by storm and gone on to create two TV series “Magician Impossible” and now released a book “Nothing is impossible“. Never a truer word said as they say, although this didn’t just happen, Steven MADE it happen.

We are proud to be Dynamites along with the rest of the world. (And hurry up with Season 3!)