Don't be Timid

Joelle is a compassionate soul, a younger singer and songwriter who has come through some serious adversity whilst growing up into the beautiful woman she is becoming. At the tender age of 17, Joelle already goes above and beyond when sharing thoughts of love and kindness. Joelle set out with International photographer Dave Wise and Makeup Artist Lauren Kay to embrace her own issues and create a beautiful and timeless ode to Wimbledon.

Dave Wise, International Celebrity and Fashion photographer

© Dave Wise, International Celebrity and Fashion photographer

Having suffered from Alopecia Universalis from the age of 8, Joelle has seen her fair share of bullying and spent many an hour crying into her pillow. But this isn’t a negative story, this isn’t a story of pity; this is a story of empowerment and prideJoelle found her strength whilst wearing a luminescent green wig whilst at Wimbledon and since then has gone on to because a force to be reckoned with in many areas, including becoming a young persons Ambassador for Alopecia UK and touring the globe spreading the Bullying Awareness message for which she was featured on Buzzfeed after one of her stops in New York.

Of course, this is all pretty epic stuff, but – equally importantly, if not more so, Joelle has found her voice and her passion. Whilst we are certain her past will always have a part to play in her being, we think her music, her voice and her career will soon surpass the history that has created this immensely talented and beautiful woman.

Dave Wise, International Celebrity and Fashion photographer

© Dave Wise, International Celebrity and Fashion photographer

Joelle has a lot going on at the moment, there are two new singles coming very soon the first due in just a few weeks, Joelle shot the video for the track in NYC with a special guest star, but apparently we’re not allowed to know about him until the single is released.

“I shot the video for my new track in NYC, it was awesome. I got to run in the Marathon, dance in Time Square and perform with a very special and fun character, but you will have to wait for the release to meet him, you’ll love him.”

There is nothing worse than someone opening the door and not walking through, but we’ll just have to wait along with everyone else. Joelle just laughed at us when we begged to know who it was.

We are extremely excited for this girl, after mere seconds of talking with her you can’t help but feel more positive about yourself and your own circumstances. Joelle has already worked with some formidable producers in Nashville, LA and London with her name now linked with some very influential producers, it is our prediction that the next five years will catapult Joelle beyond the stars.

In the meantime whilst we wait, you can keep up to date with her news and releases on Joelle‘s Youtube channel and her epic Instagram.