Don't be Timid

The first teaser left us with a bitter taste in our mouths, a heightened worry that the series was about to be destroyed beyond all recognition. We were mortified to say the least! We were there in 1977 in our seats waiting with baited breath and quivering popcorn. We were there when some moron decided to make, let alone release Phantom Menace (No offence intended Liam or Ewan, we liked you).


We were there when we could finally breath after the final shambolic episode was finished and done with. We immediately went back to New Hope and Empire Strikes back for some warm and fluffy feelings and to rid us of the experiences to that point.

With a loaded sense of  “do we, don’t we”, we struggled to press play on the second teaser trailer.


Once we got passed the loaded “Past tense” question of “Has” or “Had”, we were pleasantly surprised with what we saw. I still have a way to go to make up for the travesty of the reverse order newer movies but it definitely seems to be heading in the right direction and it would appear we will not have coal in our stockings for Christmas this year, but there is still a risk it will only be a tangerine and not a shiny new toy.

Although we do get to see R2 one more time as well!


It certainly wets your imagination far more than the first teaser, but we’re not convinced it’s enough to not be another Phantom Menace in disguise. Don’t take our word for it, check out the trailer yourselves below. You should watch it no matter what, make up your own mind as to whether the force is actually waking up or whether the force is still just but a distant dream or memory. Be sure to watch to the very end 🙂

[Stills grabbed from the trailer]

starwars7-1 starwars7-3