Don't be Timid

At 22 years old we guess it was inevitable that Selena Gomez would want to shun her “Disney” persona and move on. Despite her cohorts from the Disney world getting more and more naked to progress, Selena up until now had stayed away from that direction and spectacle. Despite there being no nudity per se and an apparent awkwardness minus clothing in front of the lens, these images do not take her from the girl to a woman. The opposite in fact.

Photographers Inez and Vanoodh are exceptional at what they do, so the blame cannot be laid there. The art direction and concept is where the fault lies. Whoever dreamt this one up could do with some time alone in a small padded room or at the very least some serious sessions with a psychiatrist to work out their issues. Selena is beautiful, but is also a very youthful 22 years old. Selena could still quite easily play a young teen in high school, so why have the art team decided to play the “Lolita” card? It really does beggar belief.


Selena Gomez by Inez & Vanoodh for V Magazine


With the various “Female Body Image” campaigns going on at the moment, these images seem to try their hardest to get away from them and stick themselves distinctly in the gratuitous section (read: pointless). They do not speak of confidence, they do not speak of self expression and choice nor do they speak of #FreeTheNipple. Lycra faux denim shorts/hotpants speak of lord knows what? Perhaps a teens dream of what reality is?

In our opinion Selena would have been better placed keeping her clothes on, or, heaven forbid, showing some gumption and making the choice to do it properly. After all, once it’s done, it’s done and nobody then has anything to chatter about.

As we said, it was inevitable that, given the current climate, Selena would end up going down this path, almost playing catchup so to speak, but these will do more harm than good in our humble opinion.



Selena is without doubt beautiful and talented. Despite being surrounded by rumour and associations, Selena just gets on with it, we love her, but we do not love the undertone to these images.