Don't be Timid

The play Mousetrap is based on a short story, that itself based on the radio play written by Agatha Christie. Agatha Christie asked that the story not be published as long as it ran as a play in the West End of London. The short story has still not been published within the United Kingdom but it has appeared in the United States in the 1950 collection Three Blind Mice and Other Stories. I doubt even she expected this to still be running, having shown some 25433 plus times since opening night.


A little known fact is that the play was originally called “Three Blind Mice” but the name had to be changed as another play had already placed dibs on the name and the producer Emile Littler insisted that it was renamed. The new name Mousetrap actually was the suggestion of Agatha Christies son-in-law, Anthony Hicks.

It can be a difficult thing to keep life flowing through such an established body of work, but we take our hat off to the production team as they seem to manage it and the theatre is almost always at full capacity with queues going round the corner with people waiting to go in. The show changes Director every three years and the cast completely change every 10 months, with each change comes new life. Each and every new player brings something new to the character they play, a twist to an otherwise well known character. The current cast are no exception to this, they have all brought slight twists to their characters and put on an enthralling production.

To help take the Mousetrap yet further a series of interviews have been made to engage the audience with the characters that little more. We don’t meet the cast per se, they don’t tell us about the characters they play. They are actually the characters. Recruiting the assistance of Angellica Bell to become the intrepid reporter sent to the middle of nowhere to meet the owners and residents of a newly established, opulent get-away in the country. Directed by Dave Wise, these were filmed to maintain the Murder-Mystery element that we have all come to love about Agatha Christie’s various Screen Adaptations.

The interviews will be released weekly from now an into the new year, we are looking forward to seeing them as they are released.

[easyreview title=”The Mousetrap Review” cat1title=”Storyline” cat1detail=”A classic Murder Mystery from the delightful Agatha Christie, what could be wrong with that?” cat1rating=”5.0″ cat2title=”Cast” cat2detail=”The cast of 8 players perform admirably bringing the world of Monkswell Manor to life, they keep you engaged throughout and barely miss a beat” cat2rating=”5.0″ cat3title=”Atmosphere” cat3detail=”The set doesn’t change very much to be fair, its integral to the storyline, however each season little details are added this season saw the addition of a really cool fireplace” cat3rating=”5.0″]



– Charlie