Don't be Timid

Its been a surprise actually enjoying the Sherlock series, that’s no slight against Benedict Cumberbatch or Martin Freeman, the complete opposite in fact. The character of Sherlock Holmes has been played by some serious people over the years, our own personal favourite was and will likely always be Jeremy Brett. When we tuned into that very first episode of a “Modernised” look at Sherlock, we didn’t have high hopes.

However! Yes, that needed an exclamation mark. It wasn’t until the end of the first episode that we noticed that we hadn’t moved, spoken or thought about anything for the duration, we were utterly enthralled by this quirky character portrayal and sublime performance from Benedict Cumberbatch. Of course everyone knows that Sherlock #DIES (well, fakes his death at any rate) during his battle with Moriarty in the books, but at the end of Season 2, it still came as a complete shock. The performances of all involved have just grown and grown, it will be interesting to see how they push their characters this time around as they have been bouncing all over the place filming different bits and pieces, including “The Hobbit – The desolation of Smaug”.

Now it finally has a release/air date, it gives yet another reason to be wholly looking forward to the coming of 2014. Episode 1, Series 3, Sherlock on BBC.