Don't be Timid

We weren’t particularly looking forward to this release. Roar had been playing incessantly everywhere and to our surprise we suddenly caught ourselves singing along to it. So imagine our surprise when we added #PRISM to our library and actually liked the entire album.

Well, “entire album” might be a bit strong, but it is a good 99%. The only real exception was the ending of “Birthday” where we are treated to a rendition of “Happy Birthday” made famous by Monroe and in our opinion just isn’t warranted or required. It left a very bitter taste in the mouth and still does when the song comes on when the random playlist kicks that tune into being.

katy-perry-prism-coverWith that one exception, we love the entire album and whole-heartedly recommend you all grab yourself a copy. The added bonus is Katy is looking awesome in the artwork. Dare we say it, we enjoyed this album a lot more than the previous “Teenage Dream”. Katy Perry has managed to come back with an absolutely cracking album, well done!

Don’t be shy, let us know what you think.

— Karen.