Don't be Timid

The highly anticipated, almost self deprecating, blockbuster featuring all the action hero’s we’ve come to love (and loathe) all in one film and all set to save the world again. Van Damme playing the evil villain and everyone else just set on killing him. There is no denying the “Expendables” project has generated the attention they desired, with the tongue in cheek approach to everything they are proving to be a lot of fun.

The red carpet here in London saw Stallone and his family, Arnie, Statham, Van Damme, Dolph but missing Jet Li and Willis which was a little depressing, we only went to see Jet. However everyone else was clearly there for Stalone! His first public appearance since the tragic death of his son Sage, but he held it together with the help of his girls. It must have been a great strain to be able to celebrate this soon after their tragic loss, but they did good and we applaud them.

There is something quite surreal about seeing these guys all together in one place, but we’re not going to knock it because the grin factor of it all is quite immense. We’ll do a full review of Expendables #2 shortly for you. In the mean time check out the trailer and don’t forget to spare some thoughts for the Stallone family, whilst they tirelessly do their best to keep us entertained during their tragic loss.