Don't be Timid

With Assassins Creed 3 being a hot topic, with only a few people managing to pull themselves away from their consoles (us included here, why we are being made to work is beyond us) because of the immersive nature of #AC3, we were made to smile by the beautiful Violinist Lindsey Stirling.

For those of us around that watch these annoyingly addictive TV Talent shows, Lindsey will be a household name already, getting to the quarter finals of America’s got Talent in 2010. For those of you who don’t know who the delectable Lindsey is, well, she is a singing, dancing violinist who loves to entertain.

Lindsey composes, choreographs, and directs all of her original music and videos — merging unique violin stylings and electronic dub-step beats with animated contemporary dance.  Her wide array of videos are all available on her Lindseystomp YouTube channel, which rings in at more than 640,000 subscribers — and has tallied over 102 million hits.  (Viewership is enthusiastic: the ice-themed “Crystallize” at 22 million; her snow-scaped “Skyrim” at 8.6 million; and the silhouette-performing “Shadows” at 7.5 million.)

So here we were working when we discovered the lovely Lindsey had done a rendition and video of the #AC3 theme music, so here we are working AND indulging our inner geeks, all at the same time!

“My musical style is a reflection of my personality,” Lindsey shares, “and through it I hope to share my belief that no one should be afraid to be themselves.”  She adds “All my songs were created to depict specific themes that I pulled from my own life experiences.  ‘Spontaneous Me’ is about having the courage to love yourself for who you are.”

Lindsey has her first album out now, it’s awesome. Even if you aren’t normally a fan of the violin, you will love this album, so what are you waiting for? Go click on iTunes NOW!

Lindsey’s own website:

– Dave