Don't be Timid

It seems to be a good week for Lingerie and Music coming together, with Ariana Grande bringing us “Dangerous Woman” and now the goddess Rihanna bringing “Kiss it better”.

So “Dangerous Woman” was, well quite frankly, very contrived and the lip-sync throughout the video leaves a lot to be desired. We spent ages trying to work out whether we were just very tired or on drugs whilst we watched it as it didn’t sit quite right. We were just left disappointed, perhaps when we hear it on the radio we will feel differently.

rhianna-effigy-3As a polar opposite,Rihanna brought us “Kiss it better“, thematically pretty much identical. Artist, singing, lingerie, nothing else. However we were mesmerised from start to finish. Rihanna is quite simply, drop-dead-gorgeous. Of course, everyone knows this. You must be a blind mute fool to think otherwise. But Rhianna owns it, she draws you in and blows you out as bubbles come the end.

rhianna-effigy-1It’s insane, there is nothing to the video, it should be boring. It should be irritating. It should be a whole lot of things other than very cool. However .. [hang on while we watch it again] .. you just want to keep watching it.

rhianna-effigy-2After Work and all of the surrounding controversy, this is very different, despite featuring another half-nakedRihanna (for which we are of course thankful).

Don’t take our word for it, watch it, dribble a little, then watch it again.