Effigy is run by a group of like-minded individuals who work within the image creation industry, across many of the spectrum’s that exist within the world. With that said there are always specialists as it were, those people who are particular experts in their field. We certainly do not hold on ceremony.

  • Editor in Chief: Charlie R
  • Deputy Editor: Rob J
  • Contributing Editors: Dave WiseHeidi Mottram, Victoria Barban, Rob J

Combined with the content team we have some people responsible for the ‘other’ stuff. These guys and girls should not be dismissed as they are vitally important.

  • Advertising: Karen A
  • Print: Robert C

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So you don’t like technology, we can’t blame you, it does seem to be taking away a lot of the touchy feely side of what we do. The immersion of yourself into a good book or magazine, becoming one with the page as you feel the paper between your finger tips, it’s becoming a tad old fashioned. It’s probably another reason why kids can no longer write using a Pen?

Anyway, so you want to write to us, that’s cool, you can do that, because we can actually read.

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