Don't be Timid

We were recently visited by a Dutch friend of ours here in London and he is crazy about Japanese food, so we decided to take him to Sake No Hana in Mayfair.

The surroundings are awash of linear lines of bamboo which absolute makes Sake No Hana a very sleek looking restaurant. The food is fantastic although on the slightly pricier side of normal.

We decided on a mix of hot and cold, with sushi and snow crab tempura which were to die for! 6 crab claws (no shell except for the end) coated in a deliciously light tempura batter. We could have eaten 3 more plates of them! Dreams are still being had about them!

In addition to the crab claws and edamames, we ordered sesame fried aubergine with fig. We weren’t convinced this dish would ‘work’ but were very pleasantly surprised when a generous plate of food was placed in front of us. This dish was really flavoursome and light although we would have preferred the aubergine to have been a little crisper but that certainly didn’t affect our overall enjoyment.

The sushi was made fresh; there and then per order and the portions again were fairly generous. Our visitor was raving about it, all the way through the meal and well after in fact.

We would definitely recommend Sake No Hana for great food, service and experience.

– Heidi