Don't be Timid

It was my fiancés birthday the other day and we are both foodies so I wanted to take him somewhere special. I decided I would take him to one of the rare 3 Michelin star restaurants in the UK, so I chose Alain Ducasse at the gorgeous Dorchester Hotel. Having visited this restaurant I immediately wondered what I could write here. This restaurant in my view is perfect! I could not find fault with any of it.

The restaurant looks lovely. The staff were attentive but not over bearing. The lunch time set menu is fantastic value at just £55 for 3 courses, 2 glasses of wine, half a bottle of water, a coffee and plenty of extras. The quality and quantity of the food was perfection.

We were initially greeted with a large bowl of cheese puffs filled with gruyere cheese. We thought this would replace the usual bread and butter offered at most restaurants. We were wrong. We were offered a large selection of breads (1 was bacon and cheese which was to die for!) with beautiful French butter and also a whipped cream cheese.

Following this we were presented with an amuse bouche in a beautiful ceramic egg.

I was starting to feel quite full and we had not even started our courses yet!

It was at this point that the sommelier came to our table and selected the wines that would suit our starter and main course. He explained which wine would suit and why. He made a perfect selection.

When we did finally start our courses the first course was a foie gras quenelle, peach and turnip dolce forte. This was a beautifully presented dish with layers of flavour.

The main course was a cookpot of veal loin and kidney with Meaux mustard. Again another beautiful dish with layers of textures and flavours. There were mystery dots of flavour explosions through this and our other dishes.

For dessert we were presented with a beautiful dish titled ‘contempory vacherin’. We didn’t actually know what this was prior to ordering.  The dish consisted of a strawberry and a champagne sorbet with delicate mini meringues, wafer thin dried slices of strawberry and beautifully sweet raspberries.

This was a perfect dessert to freshen the palette after a rich main course.

The array of food did not end at this point. Our fantastic waiter delivered a fantastic selection of macarons (3 flavours), 2 types of chocolates (multiples of each) and a bowl of salted caramels, passion fruit caramels and nougat along with our coffees.

We felt like we would have to be rolled out of the restaurant as we were so full!

This restaurant cannot be faulted and has moved to the top of my list and for a 3 Michelin star restaurant the lunch menu is incredible value too.

– Heidi