Don't be Timid

Being a Northerner I am a fan of fish and chips. Ever since moving to London over 14 years ago I have been in search of ‘proper’ fish and chips. By ‘proper’ I mean fresh battered fish and chunky hand cut chips wrapped in paper and sold in a fish and chip shop NOT  fish and skinny chips sold in a kebab shop dumped into a polystyrene tray!

It seems that the traditional fish and chip shops are getting rarer and rarer in London especially! Aside from this, there is a severe lack of gravy in chip/kebab shops too! I have had many a horrified look if I ask for gravy with my chips. Is gravy really a Northern ‘thing’?

I have recently breathed a sigh of relief thanks to Poppies of Spitalfields. They serve authentic ‘proper’ fish and chips and even….gravy!

Their portions are generous and the food is fresh and tasty and the Take away food is wrapped in paper printed with old East End news portraying old local characters such as the Krays.

Eat in and you are greeted by staff in a 50s style uniform and 50s and 60s music rings in your ears from the juke box.

Poppies is great to take overseas visitors to when touring the East End as well as a great place for you to treat yourself to ‘proper’ fish and chips.

– Heidi