Don't be Timid

This micro sized restaurant is a little piece of meat heaven in the middle of London.

To be brutally honest, I would never in a million years have looked twice at this restaurant had it not been recommended to me.

The outside of the restaurant is beige with a net curtain and does not scream ‘EAT HERE!’

The restaurant only holds 30 people. If you are looking for lunch then I would strongly suggest arriving as close to their midday opening time as possible. The Pitt Cue website says it all with a simple “NO RESERVATIONS” along with the opening times and the address.

It is not recommended to visit if you adorning multiple large shopping bags having just been on a mammoth shopping spree! Guests really are sat shoulder to shoulder in this little oasis of a restaurant.

The menu is small and provided on a small piece of printed paper.  The prices are reasonable and the choice is fair. We are informed that the menu changes from day to day and even from lunch to dinner.

One of their staples is the pulled pork which I chose to have for my lunch. It comes with a side. I am given the choice of chipotle and confit slaw, black pudding mash, baked beets with horseradish to name but a few.  I chose the slaw.

The food arrived in an old style metal plate. There was a generous portion of the juiciest pulled pork I have ever had, house pickles which are moreish and a small bowl of unusual but tasty slaw.

Every mouthful of this dish was a delight!

I can’t wait to revisit and try other plates of absolute deliciousness.

Great things do really come in small plain packages and I cannot recommend this place enough, get along there.

– Heidi


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