Don't be Timid

I don’t know about you, but when I have an early morning flight I start to crave a big satisfying breakfast.

I recently flew from Gatwick airport. After going through all of the usual checks and finally making it through to the duty free I was starving!

I discovered Jamie’s Italian restaurant. I have been to a few of Jamie Oliver’s restaurants but never for breakfast. I was surprised to discover that they offered a variety of breakfast dishes including the classic ‘fry up’.

I ordered the Full Monty breakfast which consisted of 2 free range sausages, crispy smoked bacon, black pudding, a ‘Burford Brown’ fried egg, roast tomatoes, field mushrooms and organic baked beans.

This was a monster breakfast that didn’t disappoint!

As with most of Jamie’s restaurants the service was friendly but slow. The food however was great!

I was presented with a sizzling platter of comfort food that would make any health freak faint. It was delicious!

The dish wasn’t the usual delicate presentation. It was hearty and rustic and slightly resembling a car wreck. The eggs however were super tasty, the sausages were small but meaty and flavourful, the black pudding was good quality and well-seasoned, the mushrooms were buttery, the tomatoes were…..well they were just tomatoes. All in all however it was a dream of fry up.

A big thumbs up for breakfast, courtesy of Jamie’s Italian.

– Heidi