Don't be Timid

We are always told never to judge a book by it’s cover, however, the name mixed with memories of Fawlty Towers enticed me to walk through the doors of Herman Ze German.


This is maybe not the place for a first date, but it is perfect for a lunch on the run or a catch up with friends.

Herman Ze German (hard to say without putting on a stereotypical and possibly mildly offensive accent) creates fantastic bratworst, bockwurst (hot dogs) and currywurst.

Myself and my party (husband and friend) opted for the latter with pommes (chips) rather than in a roll.

We were offered the choice of heat strengths for our curry ketchup. The choice ranged from mild, hot, burner and stinger which raised a few ‘mature’ sniggers.

We decided to try all of the heat strengths. My personal favourite was the hot as it had a little bit of spice without the more delicate of the group (ie my husband) requiring a toilet roll in the fridge.

German friends have claimed that the currywurst is almost as good as ‘back home’. I personally thought the sausages were excellent. Really tasty and soft.

The currywurst and pommes were £5 or you could pay £2 for extra sausage (insert more childish comments).


The soft drinks available were all from a company called Fritz Kola. No traditional CocaCola here! German beers are also available ofcourse.

This is a very small restaurant with great wurst and of course the novelty value for the inner child.

– Heidi