Don't be Timid

Given “The Sweeney” is now out, or rather the poor remake of the classic original cult series starring John Thaw and Dennis Waterman, and it’s Thanks Giving. We looked for something that we could be thankful for. In the original TV series of The Sweeney they had one of the most revered cars of all time. A car with very much a British look, but under the hood was All American. Of course we’re talking about the Jenson CV8. It starred in the cult series from 1975 – 1978, and when introduced to the show it was an old car by then standards as it was only produced from 1962 – 1966. Although it was the main vehicle in the ITC television series, The Baron from 1965 – 1966.

Whilst we like the classic E-Type Jaguar in Austin Powers, what he really should have had was a Jenson CV8.

Only 500 of these beauties were made, which is a shame because 330 BHP 50 years ago was awe inspiring.

– Dave

Images courtesy of Classic Car Club