Don't be Timid

We’re not sure how we missed this, although we suspect strongly it has something to do with the plot summary, well we use ‘summary’ in the loosest sense.

A gothic horror story about alien predators who lure humans, through the promise of sex, into a secret lair where their skin is harvested so other aliens may move freely among the unsuspecting humans they hunt.

See what we mean, it doesn’t exactly draw you in and quite frankly, the ‘promise’ of Scarlett Johansson still wasn’t enough to do it.


However. Yes, there is definitely a but; we didn’t expect the absolutely brilliant performance from Scarlett. Even with minimal dialog Scarlett keeps you glued to your screen. This is not your typical happy-ever-after movie, it feels real from the outset. It is exceptionally gritty and very well shot. So overall, combined with Scarlett’s amazing performance you should definitely have this on your “films to watch” list.

under-the-skin-#3 under-the-skin-#2

Filmed entirely in Scotland this is definitely a more intriguing watch than “Dog Soldiers”. The director’s, Jonathan Glazeruse of everyday people going about their business doesn’t detract at all, if anything we think it was a good choice to keep the whole experience feeling that bit more real. At times the film takes you to places that are quite frankly, unsettling.

Here’s the trailer to get your eyes watering and begging to see the film.

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