Don't be Timid

With Xmas coming and the DVD/Bluray release of The Amazing Spiderman being appropriately timed in its release, we thought we had better hit you with our review before you just blindly rush out to buy it for someone.

Having recently watched this latest re-boot of the Spiderman series I’m left feeling rather flat.  Given that it’s only 5 years since the end of the last edition, it just feels a little too soon to think about a remake.

I went into the movie with very low expectations and unfortunately,they were met.  Whilst some of the effects are good, amazing what a little less CGI can do for a sense of realism, most were confused set pieces that didn’t flow well.

The biggest problem is that this is basically the same story, told in a much worse way than the 2002 version.  In fact if you want to watch a Spiderman movie, stick to the Raimi/Maquire versions.

The movie begins with a tease about Peter Parkers parents being scientists, but the story never develops.  We are told that Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) used to work with Peter’s parents, but the story never develops.  Curt Connors only has one arm, but the story never develops – notice the recurring theme.  This film is as light on back story as the Atari 2600 was on graphics.

Garlfield just doesn’t deliver the conflicted angst that this character requires.  Peter Parker always struggled with the pressure of being Spiderman, the journey from geek squad to near god just wasn’t portrayed well by Garfield.  The discovery of his powers didn’t even seem to surprise him.  Then we see Garfield’s Spiderman revealing his ‘secret’ identity to just about everyone in the film, having the mask in his hand more often than on his head.

Even the usually brilliant Sally Fields is let down by the script.  The death of her husband (Martin Sheen) hardly draws a tear.  There’s not even a funeral for poor Uncle Ben (who was in case you were wondering was played better by Robertson)

I can’t think of a single element of this version that wasn’t surpassed by the 2002 version.  The acting in this was weaker, the characters less developed, the script was terrible; in fact it was all just rubbish.

– Rob