Don't be Timid

Most of us don’t even think about the fact we use very little of our cerebral capacity, in fact it is probably a subject reserved for those research types among us. This however lets us normal people live in a world where someone can use all of their capacity and we can watch on with smiles on our faces.

We’ve loved Luc Besson since Leon and Fifth Element, both movies that easily sit within our top five all time favourites. Luc’s storytelling and use of setting is awe inspiring and yet the edge of seat action always keeps you poised. Of course, Lucy (aka Scarlett Johansson, who, and we make no effort to hide, we love) aided by the illustrious Morgan Freeman (again we’ve been a fan of Morgan forever), take us along this non-stop journey from hapless drug mule to evolved warrior, where it ends, who knows, but we are very eager to find out.

Check out the trailer, we’ll be stunned if you’re not pre-booking your theatre tickets.

(Stills from the trailer)