Don't be Timid

It seems, despite Jaguar’s success with the E-Type, the favoured automobile of the Avengers, Austin Powers and even the “Carry On” films, and with the S-Type being the only thing Morse (John Shaw) would drive. With the all new F-Type, Jaguar aren’t leaving anything to chance. They’ve recruited an enviable collaboration team with Ridley Scott and Damian Lewis even Lana Del Rey has got in on the action and are all set to produce a series of trailers culminating in a short film. The first of these trailers has been released as well as a teaser website, just for the F-Type.

What do we think? Well, we’re not fans of Lana Del Rey to be fair, but with that said this does seem to be a more suited marriage compared to her previous. Love her or hate her, her voice is evocative and what’s not to love about Damian Lewis? Whether you know him from Homeland, Life or one of the other miriad of things this man has put his name to, he is instantly recognisable. The team behind pulling it all together, Ridley Scott Associates, lets face it, anyone that creates movies like Bladerunner can do no wrong in our eyes! However, with the gushing over, the narrator needs to be dealt with. The voice just doesn’t work.

Check out Jaguar’s teaser site here

– Dave