Don't be Timid

Effigy Magazine managed to secure some exclusive pre-screening tickets for the latest Bond.  There’s nothing quite like watching a film that’s introduced personally by the Director [Sam Mendes] in Leicester Squares historic Odeon cinema..

Given that the film is not out until next week, we won’t give too much away, but what we will say is WOW. Daniel Craig continues with his strong brooding Bond, but has gained a little of the humour of the more classical Bonds.  In fact, some of the one-liners are truly brilliant.

Javier Bardem gives us a wonderfully over-the-top villain that really plays well against Craig’s more gritty Bond. This is probably Bardem’s best performance since No Country for Old Men, which bodes well for his next role [starring with Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender in The Counselor].

Thankfully, after missing the iconic line ‘Bond, James Bond’ from Quantum of Solace, it’s back in Skyfall. In fact, there are lots of small nods and winks to the classic movies, from gadgets to characters. Skyfall also gives us just a little more history and really develops the main Bond characters (Bond, M, Q and even another iconic character).

Skyfall is a long film, but you are completely gripped for the entire time. Plots among plots provide a truly intriguing movie. It’s an action packed thrill ride that must not be missed.  In fact, we are looking forward to its actual release, just so we can watch it again.

– Rob