Don't be Timid

A young Brooklyn boy witnesses the brutal murder of his mother and grows up obsessed with finding her killer. Thus begins his life as a quiet, straight-A student by day and a self-appointed hero at night. But what is a real hero? And who decides what is right or wrong?

That is what we were presented with whilst clicking through the movies to watch on the humble little Apple TV, something not to taxing, nothing to funny, a middle of the road movie to entertain for a couple of hours. It was never meant to be a popcorn moment, just something to take the edge off an otherwise stressful day.

We came across Boy Wonder, on offer to rent for just 99p and given most things are going up in price, that was a shock in itself. Why not? It had average reviews on iTunes, an interesting cast and a storyline that could go either way.


We took the plunge; we are very grateful we did.

Caleb Steinmeyer, as Sean, puts in an admiral performance, a character that dances on the edge of a personality disorder, never quite working out where or what he was supposed to be. Despite a choppy plot line you still manage to keep up and despite some of his actions you can’t help yourself but to feel for Sean. The emotional journey carried right to your soul through the sheer will of the performance.

The story is a list of intertwined characters that all play their part in making Sean what he is, an ex-drunk Father trying to make amends played by the impeccable Bill Sage. A concerned detective with a whole heap of her own problems who develops a relationship with Sean that is “complicated”, made more real by the beautiful and talented, Zulay Henao.

hero_EB20111026REVIEWS111029991AR b0ywndr72_300mblinks_com_00_49_00_00008If you haven’t seen this, then you really should. Stop procrastinating, Boy Wonder is not expensive to rent and you will not be disappointed.