Don't be Timid

If you enjoyed Family Guy then you will love this.  However, it’s worth noting that this film isn’t for everyone.  If you are easily offended (or not so easily in places), this film will probably step over the line.

But, anyone brought up through the 80’s is just going to laugh the whole way through.  Some of the jokes are crass, politically incorrect, rude and downright dreadful; which gives it enough edge to be seriously funny.  There are several laugh out loud moments and the fight scene between Wahlberg and Ted really is brilliant.

A lot of recent CGI based films have disappointed, but they really nailed Ted.  The animation is great and the interaction works well.  The characters all seem to buy into a living teddy bear and that belief really comes through.  Mark Wahlberg is great in this, with Mila Kunis giving an impressive performance too.  But it’s really about the bear (voiced by Seth Macfarlane – Family Guy).  The script is funny, although maybe not a classic like Anchorman.

There are also some really nice little cameos from Ryan Reynolds, Ted Danson, Tom Skerritt and Norah Jones, all adding to the intriguing mix that is Ted.  Don’t miss this film, it might not be in my top ten, but it’s a very funny and enjoyable film.

– Rob