Don't be Timid

We are of course referring to the amazingly talented and still remarkably beautiful, Dame Judi Dench. A true British export known the world over for her more recent roles in Chronicles of Riddick and of course, the James Bond movies as “M”. But now the star of “Willow” a music video to promote Muse of Fire.

Two very talented guys decided to make a film about Shakespeare, not an interesting topic most would say, however Dan Poole and Giles Terera went out on a limb and created a very funny and more importantly, very informative film. So much so that over 100 Actors all took part, including some serious heavy weights the likes of James Earl Jones, Ewan McGregor, Ralph Fiennes, and of course their own muse, Dame Judi Dench.

This is an epic road-trip movie, that aims to dispel the fear and myths surrounding the most famous playwright in history. The finest cast list ever assembled for a documentary, 7 knights, 1 Dame and these two, clearly friends, will change the way you feel about Shakespeare forever.

A version of the film was first shown on BBC in the UK and the interviews have been extrapolated ready for The Globe’s portal. The full version is to be released on iTunes ready for your eyes and ears, mountains have been moved and the small fee required is nothing compared to the number of times you will watch it!

To wet your appetite here is Willow, launched today to preempt the final release of Muse of Fire, the music video made by the guys with Dame Judi Dench! We are very lucky indeed they’ve even given us our own very personal version!

Want to see how it was made? Of course you do! Now you need to watch this!