Don't be Timid

We have all heard of the story of Pompeii, well that is assuming you managed to drag yourself to school at any point during those few years where it was compulsory. Little is really known about the once beautiful city now encased in ash, volcanic spew and now long since vanished, so why not reinvent that catastrophic event and add in some glorious cinematography, a dash of exceptional actors and a love story that is set to be epic?

An all star cast, our absolute favourite  (complete with arms the size of our legs), along with  and  are in place to set the screen alight alongside the great Vesuvius. If you haven’t had your fill of the Spartacus stories from Starz, then this will definitely help fill your void. Milo () goes from Slave to formidable Gladiator and must save his love, Cassia ().


It’s obviously a race against time here, the inevitable ending never far away.

Of course there is a catch, why wouldn’t there be? It is after all a journey that we’re invited to be a part of. Cassia is promised (erm, well pimped out) by her father in order to sweeten a deal with a Roman Senator. So once the fun begins with Vesuvius, Milo must fight his way out of the Arena, rescue his true love and escape the clutches of the Volcano.

Various endings could happen here, “Happy Ever After” or “The Perfect Storm/Titanic“. Presumable someone will survive, how else how will we be told this story? It’s out February 29th, so not long left before our questions are answered!