Don't be Timid

Let’s cut to the chase; if you haven’t seen this film, get up and go and see it.  Just when the thought of another soul sapping rom-com makes your stomach churn along comes Silver Linings.

This film effortlessly delivers strong dramatic content, dark themes and a rather melancholy central concept, all the while giving the audience a sense of optimism.  The film centers around Pat’s dysfunctional family and his relationship with the quirky Tiffany.  Pat’s mental state is laid bare for all to see, but rather than being a depressing heavy movie, it’s gentle touch is enlightening.

Bradley Cooper breathes real life into Pat’s complex character, making the audience relate and emotionally connect in a truly beautiful way.  Within the first few minutes of the film, we actually care how Pat’s life moves forwards.

In fact, the main cast, really add gravitas to this film, Jennifer Lawrence follows her recent performances in X-Men: First Class and the tremendous Hunger Games with another knock-out.  On top of a portraying a strong, quirky, deep character, Lawrence is seriously HOT!

To top it off, Robert De Niro finally comes out of his recent malaise of caricaturing his earlier movies and gives us the great performance we expect, as the slightly neurotic head of this dysfunctional family.

Combine these great performances with a great script and we have a sure fire winner on our hands.  In fact, come the end of 2012 and people are asking with was the best film they watched, this will be high up on the list.  A strong story, strong characters, great score and magnificent acting; what more could you want from a film!

– Rob