Don't be Timid

Some things in the world are instantly recognisable by some small detail, that after many years of branding exercises become the “Norm”, there are many examples of this not least products starting with a small ‘i’. When we see that we immediately think of Apple products. Or small triangles of cheese, yes Dairy Lea cheese.

Well shoes now have one of those, it has long been known that Louboutins have a red sole. Given its only been 20 years young in practise, everyone instantly recognises those formidable shoes by their “Red” sole. Recently tested in the courts due to the YSL “Tribtoo” shoes having a red sole, the court ruled that the Louboutins sole, is the ONLY sole that can be red.

Of course, YSL are a huge brand and so as not to upset them to much, the court added the proviso that the sole of a shoe can only be Red if it is a design feature of the shoe and it is to colour code the aesthetic. So at least we will still be able to see the YSL “Tribtoo” out and about, which is awesome.

Images courtesy of “Net-A-Porter”