Don't be Timid

For us, who fired the film up to pay more attention to the fashion than the technicalities of the delivery, surprise ensued as we were more taken by the cinematography than anything else. In fact we had to watch it a couple of times to actually see what was IN the film rather then the film itself. Which we’re fairly certain isn’t the actual point of spending this much money, brands should be front and centre, not the DoP and Camera Operator. We do however take our hats off to the Director, we can imagine the amount of screaming going on in the background getting people to get into their queues, although we are curious which take actually made it to the editing suite. Ryan Hope, the director, certainly designed a nice piece of “Penrosecinematography but the main credits have to go to Tony Miller and Simon Wood respectively. With the exception of a very slight “bump” where the segway is replaced with walking, the transitions are seamless. You’ll watch it and you will be asking how it was done, not what was in it.