Don't be Timid

We were very lucky to be invited to the installation, or presentation of the LoveMayka collection at the ME Hotel, during AW13 London Fashion Week. The show was split into two components, with the first being a live presentation of the heart of LoveMayka, her prints. With the second part being a more traditional fashion show, although ballerina’s walking on point is not something you would normally expect to see.

The live presentation was quite something, we were presented with Melissa Hamilton and Sander Bloommaert of the Royal Ballet, writhing in a continuous dance piece on the floor of the Atrium at the ME Hotel. The piece worked extremely well and all the while, the prints came alive as they were projected onto their bodies.

With the creative direction of Charles Adesanya and the effortless beauty and strength of Melissa and Sander the performance was a marvel and utterly stunning.

LoveMayka Prints Alive 01 LoveMayka Prints Alive 02 LoveMayka Prints Alive 03 LoveMayka Prints Alive 04 LoveMayka Prints Alive 05 LoveMayka Prints Alive 06 LoveMayka Prints Alive 07

It was an exciting and brave portrayal of the prints that drive the collections of LoveMayka.

– Dave