Don't be Timid

We didn’t want to spout on about how we all make these delusional commitments to make ourselves better, or at least perceived better. Yes we know smoking kills, but so does spending your day sitting by the side of the road, with the added risk of actually getting hit by a bus. Not a very scientific analysis we know, just one applied from common sense. But for those of you that have decided a little more exercise in your life is needed, whether to get fit or just make you feel better about yourself, then this is the online shop for you.

Bicycles are no longer the reserve of the fit and healthy, or indeed the child. We as adults are allowed to continue our childhood and carry on riding our push bikes. But as with all things that are age related, our style changes, our visual statements change. As a child we just want better than Billy, but as an adult we want all of our accessories to say a little about ourselves.

This is where The Bike Messenger comes in to its own. Offering specially designed bicycles for all of us accessory conscious people with a multitude of accessories to turn our New Year resolution into as much of a statement about our style as a means to adding exercise to the daily routine.


Our personal favourite has to be the San Francisco, we absolutely love it, not sure we’d ever ride it as exercise really isn’t on the list this year, but maybe it would look good in the hallway for unsuspecting visitors to think we do?


– Charlie