Don't be Timid

With the movie Black Mass kicking up a storm and Depp delivering an exceptional performance as James ‘Whitey’ Bulger it’s also good to see the staple Jeans, Shirt and Leather Jacket still holding their own. Of course, this is not a look that is dead but instead it is still alive and well. Check out our choices to create an up to date version of the look that you can rock into 2017 and beyond.


Underneath a Linen shirt that is guaranteed to hold up no matter how much pressure you put it under, the Ted Baker Stretch Linen Shirt fits the bill perfectly.

To complete the look we were a little split, but decided to finish the with the Burberry Derby, whilst not a slip-on shoe the colour and form are just stunning. These will look awesome with any number of Denim choices so will see the light of day on many occasions. Check out the Burberry Burnished Derby in Bitter Chocolate.

We’ve selected an exquisite jacket from the cut, the alignments and posture of this jacket extenuate that “in charge” look. Check out the Hugo Boss, C-Jabiro.


Of course for any look like this the Denim is just as important as the jacket and must be prepared to go places that are off of the beaten track, we love these straight cut jeans from Diesel, the Waykee 0853Y.

That completes the look, obviously socks are personal choice, we’d suggest keeping them simple but patterned socks would work. That said, you probably want to avoid your superhero varieties, you never know when you will have to remove your shoes!