Don't be Timid

It’s difficult to quantify the effect Bridget Bardot had on the world, but, with that said Bridget has become a reference point for “Sexy” along with the likes of Marylyn Monroe and Brooke Shields. The new LoveMayka collection is a bit of a chameleon as well, worn as individual pieces or collectively, it can be whoever you want it to be. As we love our Sirens of the screen we took the opportunity to create a Bridget Bardot inspired show piece. LoveMayka see’s the world slightly different, this is reflected in the amazing prints and despite being created from the finest silks, it is still very wearable.

LoveMayka have created a beautiful and diverse set, check it out for yourselves and even purchase online from


  • Photography by Dave Wise
  • Fashion Styling by Mayka Finkelstein Amrami
  • Hair and Makeup by Huriye Hemati
  • Staring Hayley Forskitt of the Royal Ballet as “Bridget”