Don't be Timid

Except this time the images come with statues, given how the UK treated him with regards to the Olympics, the least they can f’ing do is erect some statues. Arguably one of the best footballers this country has ever produced and a constant ambassador for the UK and for the London 2012 games, shame on you Olympic people! But enough of that, more Beckham in pants!

These are very similar to the previous campaign images released by H&M, but lets face it, they were great images so why not repeat the process and get more great images. Of course, Beckham now has that rather fetching 70’s moustache, which just adds to the finished effect in our opinion.

The really annoying thing for most men to find out though, is he actually looks that good behind the scenes, not just in the finished products. Keep working out guys, you have a way to go.

– B



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