Don't be Timid

… and to be fair, if it wasn’t for the beautiful women we wouldn’t have watched it; in fact we turned the sound down after about 2 minutes. It truly is a sad day when you feel the need to resort to these extreme measures just to get your music out there. We use the term “music” in a rather loose term here, although the production team behind the scenes have done a good job with the track itself. We’re not sure what Justin Timberlake was thinking when he commissioned this.

We’d have understood if it was just one girl, to emphasise the lyrics or some such, but no, thats not the case in this instance.

It’s a shame for all involved really, but no doubt it will go far and wide and the Directors, Simon McLoughlin and Jeff Nicholas will do well from the additional exposure (we couldn’t resist)Of course we are helping to perpetuate it by putting it up here, but it’s difficult to have an opinion and not show you what we are talking about but be warned, it contains gratuitous and pointless nudity of extremely beautiful women.