Don't be Timid

I know it feels like we’re late to the party with this project when you look at the fact that these were originally released a year ago, almost to the day. The astounding thing is, we appear to be no further ahead in dispelling the myth that a body shape and it’s visual makeup is all that matters. Beauty is everywhere, even in the most tragic of situations and Beth Whaanga proves exactly that. A truly powerful and extremely brave woman.


So lets take a trip back down memory lane, Nadia Masot and Beth Whaanga created some extremely “controversial” (we think they’re beautiful not controversial) images, that at the time of their release went viral. Clearly as the world needs to be reminded of these, not viral enough. Here the world is having massive and stupid debates about the female body. Is it to big? Is it to small? Are there gaps? Can you see ribs? Really? Can we still not still the beauty within? Is this commercial world we live in really that shallow? First and foremost the questions we should be asking ourselves is “Are we alive?” After that, then we ask ourselves “Are we (or at least trying to be) healthy?” Of course, there will always be something more we can be doing extra, but that is the same with pretty much everything in life. When you finish something, most people ask themselves whether they could have done anything differently or better. The trick is finding that happy balance in ourselves. Happiness and beauty isn’t measured by a BMI score or how flawless and taught your skin is. Life itself is indeed it’s own measure.


Show some love and support for all of those out there that do not conform to this apparent socially acceptable body form, after all, you are one of them. Beth said to the Mirror, “Cancer effects people in many ways and it’s important that those of us who can set the example do.” Beth does more than set an example. Beth stands (and sits) proud and sets the bar for what is known and understood. So reign in your pettiness and remember, if you turn away from these images, the images aren’t the problem … you are.

Beth-WhaangaThe project is called “Under the RED Dress“, yes, it is still going and yes you can still show your support. Do it now, it is never to late to say out loud that you’re beautiful and the scars just add to your beauty by being a visible reminder of everything you’ve survived.

We take our hat off to Beth, a truly beautiful woman, inside and out! We wish the pettiness around body image would stop, we are all different shapes, sizes and colours. We all have our own scars to carry, each and everyone one of us.

(All images Copyright Protected © Nadia Masot//Under the RED Dress//Beth Whaanga)