Don't be Timid

You either love or hate Lady Gaga, she is a very Marmite sort of person, but lets face it, she has done an amazing marketing job on herself. Pushed her own image all over the place trying to find stuff that works and gains her more and more followers. We’re a little on the fence here, the office is split so to speak. But with Steven Klein in tow, Lady Gaga seems to be doing it again. It’s not the first time this girls been naked and we’re pretty sure it wont be the last.

But what we don’t fully understand is the relevance between the visuals and the scent, the nakedness we get, scent of a woman etc, but its all the black stuff everywhere. Aren’t you normally clean when you put on perfume?

Anyway, the ad is shot amazingly, as is the main campaign imagery, we’d expect no less from Klein.