Don't be Timid

Renowned director of Atonement and Anna Karenina has turned  his hand to TV Commercials. OK so this is no ordinary TV commercial, in fact it’s an iconic brand with an iconic signature. However, to go along with Joe’s unique view of things there is yet another twist in the tail, so to speak. Following a steady flow of A-List females being used as the face for this brand, the likes of Vanessa Paradis and Nicole Kidman to name just two, the brand has decided to mix everything up. Of course, you have worked out by now that we are talking about Chanel and it’s iconic perfume No. 5.

But for the first time ever, Chanel are using a MAN as the face of its perfume. Please step forward Monsieur Brad Pitt. The TV commercial is set to launch later in October in time for the beginning of the Xmas shopping period, nothing so far has been leaked, but we’re very excited to see the result.