Don't be Timid

Having been a keen Scuba Diver for a number of years now and a relapsed PADI Divemaster, having the right kit when you’re exploring the depths is important. I remember getting very excited when, after years of diving manually, I got my first integrated computer that even beeped when I needed to spend a little more time at 15m than perhaps I should.

Well this is yet another one of those exciting times, I am not an equipment whore, so tend to get my kit serviced and serviced until its fit to fall apart before replacing it, but this is likely to be an exception to the rule. However I do have to say it is very likely going to be regarded as a backup rather than a primary monitor.

With that said though, an interesting housing coupled with an easy to use iApp, which you can download now if you wanted to have a play with it before shelling out your hard-earned cash. Obviously without hose integration it cannot monitor how excited you are to be swimming with the fishes, but it’s got everything else covered whilst you’re down there.

Everything your iPhone can do, can now be done as far down as 40m, which is plenty deep enough for the hobbyist, or casual diver. If you’re a tourist diver then you’re not likely to be going deeper than 25m anyway. If you’re a keen snorkeler whilst you’re on your holidays in the caribbean or further afield, then this could be cool for that to, now you can take your iPhone with you and capture those swimming moments.

– Charlie

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