Don't be Timid

We wanted to show you a good all round dSLR that is within easy reach of everyone. Whilst it doesn’t have a full frame sensor, it does only cost a fraction of that of its competitors. Pentax started life during the early 1900’s and was founded on formidable optics.

Pentax started life making lenses for Spectacles so as with Nikon, a hundred years of experience in glass, ensures great optics. Having used the F2.4 50mm Macro and F2.8 70mm lenses ourselves we were very pleased with the clarity and sharpness of image captured. The cameras themselves have come a long way since the very first Japanese SLR, Asahiflex in 1957.

They say that you don’t own a Pentax; a Pentax is a part of you. The partnership with Hoya and its now expanded attention to its optics produce a good all round piece of kit that will serve you well and be solid enough to cope with the general knocks a working camera will take and at it’s price you can definitely afford to get a couple of them so you always have a backup to hand.

With all that said, you do also get a camera that can record full HD video, although limited, as you don’t get full control of the shutter when shooting manually, you can only control the aperture. Not so as you would notice unless the lighting changes a lot whilst you’re shooting. It has a 16.3 megapixel sensor for stills capture and a multitude of options for self-cleaning the sensor, and remapping any dead pixels it finds. The body is fully weather sealed and the camera has a live view function so you don’t have to use the viewfinder, you can just peer at the 3” display on the back. If you’re manually selecting your focus points, there are 11 when using the viewfinder and you can select anywhere when in live view.

Live view will also transfer to an attached HDMI screen, thus allowing you to view what you’re shooting away from the back of the camera or indeed, the viewfinder.

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