Don't be Timid

If you work in the creative industry, we already know you’re aspiring to purchase your next Apple product, of course there is nothing wrong with that, our office is full of them.

We have been watching the TV campaigns of the others, where “My mac couldn’t do that”, and wondering hey, maybe there is something in it. After spending a while looking around for alternatives that ticked our boxes for aesthetics, weight, power and ability to keep on going, we weren’t having much luck. Then – along came a press announcement from ASUS.

The ASUS Zenbook 3 mailshot hit our mailbox, it even managed to escape the rather diligent SPAM system we have. The first thing that took us by surprise, well, simply, was the fact we found ourselves actually wanting to have a closer look at the product described within it. It has been such a long time that, what is effectively an unsolicited email, an email of this type has made us want to actually click on it and find out more.

So click on it we did and this is what we found!

The ZenBook 3 is being marketed as the new generation of ZenBook, but on steroids — “it’s ZenBook reimagined for the next era of mobile computing.” Every element of the Zenbook series has been reimagined, redesigned, and re-engineered. It’s lighter, thinner, stronger! “Utterly beautiful” according to ASUS but it still gives off that “Oh, it’s a Windows Laptop” vibe as far as we’re concerned, but that may just be us, but there is no denying the unique design aesthetic of the Macbook. That aside, it is rather striking, whether you’re looking at the Royal Blue (out favourite), Rose or Silver variant.

This is the closest we have come to wanting a non-Apple computer, that in itself is no flippant comment and should not be taken lightly. We would be hard pushed to laugh at your computer should you arrive at a meeting sporting one of these. The ASUS Zenbook 3, we believe, does level the playing field and bring the choice of laptop to actually a choice of which do you prefer rather than a judgement call on what you can and can’t live without in terms of firepower and usability.

The ASUS Zenbook has always been the ASUS flagship for thin and light design, and the ASUS Zenbook 3 is no exception. It uses premium, aerospace-grade aluminum — it’s lighter than the usual alloy, but 50% stronger and helps reduce the weight to a mere 910g with just an 11.9mm profile, it is definitely thin. The display is covered with the super-strong Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4, and measures a mere 0.4mm.

The visual experience of the ASUS Zenbook 3 is delivered with optimised hardware and software components, ensuring a wide NTSC colour gamut (72%) and TV-grade 1000:1 contrast ratio. This delivers more-vivid, more-lifelike colours, and the ASUS Splendid technology fine-tunes display yet further providing superb color accuracy, as well as automatic optimisation for any kind of image. You will also find ASUS Tru2life Video, delivering, according to ASUS, 200% better contrast and pin-point sharpness.

Under the hood is just as impressive as it’s outer shell. Although we were a little disappointed at the SSD limitations, the best you can hope for inside is 500GB delivered via a PCIe drive. We were also surprised to find a 16GB memory limit, we would have been much happier with 32GB. But with that said, the range of Intel i7 processors and the  2133MHz LPDDR3 memory is not to be sniffed at in the performance stakes.

The addition of the USB-C port allows for yet more exciting expansion possibilities. ASUS look after you in this regard with their Universal Dock, more connections that you can shake a stick at.

Whilst the WIFI standard 802.11ax is set to become the next big thing, it’s adoption is very limited at best at present. The ASUS Zenbook 3 comes with dual-band 802.11ac as standard, meaning that in the current wireless world the ASUS Zenbook 3 is fully equipped to get you the very best connections, everywhere. It also features the latest Bluetooth® 4.1. ensuring that it is perfect for any and all of you CLOUD addicts out there.

Of course there is sound, but we won’t bother talking about it to much, sound on a laptop is always going to be limited no matter the technological solutions you throw at it, we would suggest that if you want to listen to audio with any degree of perfectionism, you add an external speaker system. Something like the ASUS Bluetooth® Audio Pod will definitely stand you in great stead.

The last thing we want to mention, although not new to many an apple user, is the new finger print feature. Accessing the ASUS Zenbook 3 couldn’t be easier with the built-in fingerprint sensor, located in the touchpad, and designed to work with Microsoft™ Windows Hello, there is no longer any need to type in your password every time you need to unlock the laptop or even log in.

Overall this looks to be a real chance for the non-apple technology companies to make some inroads into taking some of the Apple® users away from their tried and tested environments. It is beautiful and more than powerful enough for your every day needs, even if you’re an engineer with higher than average every day requirements.