Don't be Timid

Well, by rock we mean something slightly smaller and a lot less weighty, but related by name. The Pebble from VEHO! We’ve had them for a while now and thought it only right to share our experience with you, because to be frank, these things are awesome and have saved our phones and our little camcorders several times over.

So this tiny little soft-touch device packs a serious power punch, its kept my iPhone going for days at a time, so if you have a hectic schedule, it never hurts to have this charged and in your pocket or close to hand. It’ll charge most things to be fair and comes with a plethora of attachments to make sure you’re covered. It’s a tiny investment as well, especially given the number of times it will undoubtably save your arse when in the middle of nowhere and in a hurry.

We loved it so much, we bought a few of them, just in case 😉

– Dave