Don't be Timid


We rarely get that excited about technology, after all gadgets are just gadgets, some more fun than others. However, since the EU decided we weren’t allowed to have the Apple Mac Pro on our desks for safety reasons, which again was beyond us, the people in charge clearly haven’t been watching gamers routinely running their computers with the components laying on the desk or even the bedroom carpet, we have sorely missed the ability to peruse the Apple website and drool over some seriously clever technology.


This however is about to change! What’s more, not only is it going to change, in true Apple style, it’s evolving into something absolutely beautiful and magnificent. The complete redesign of the Mac Pro is only an eighth of the size of its predecessor, it’s cylindrical and now a very slick black. Pretty much every aspect of this puppy has changed, redesigned from the ground up and delivering a machine, which while it’s not easily upgraded comes at a spec at least 2 years ahead of its competition. Like the Mac Pro even has any competition?

The geeky stuff is cool, up to 128GB of ram available in the machine, which when you consider it’s predescessor was only allowed to have 96gb maximum with some jiggery pokery, is a huge difference. So video editors out there will be wetting themselves, because driving that memory are 12 available cpu cores and 2 dedicated GPU’s. It is also important to note that this is a solid state machine, no more moving parts or platters to worry about and the carry handle is a nice touch, especially when like us you take a machine to photo shoots to capture directly onto.

newmacpro-heatdistribution newmacpro-airflow

There is no currently release date for us over here in the EU, however it is expected imminently. We imagine Apple will want to tell the EU Commission to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine sooner rather than later and we cannot find fault in that. This Mac Pro is so advanced it’s a proper kick in the teeth to everyone that were starting to think they had a chance in the professional workstation market. Apple come back with an absolute beast, disguised as an angel.

Keep an eye out on Apple’s website for full release date details, we will be!

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