Don't be Timid

It’s been twelve months since the launch of the 4s, which to many has proven to be a waste of time, that is, to everyone apart from Apple it has. Don’t get us wrong, the iPhone is still our favourite and wouldn’t be seen anywhere without ours. It appears that Apple used the 4s as part of their development cycle for the 5, it wasn’t released just to earn money, but to regain some of their development costs. The shrinking of the retina display, the shifting of antenna locations within the housing, and the new processor architecture. All of this learning has gone into the refining and polishing of the iPhone 5. Thankfully two things have changed that really needed to change, the rear glass panel has been replaced, the phone is now completely encased in aluminium and secondly, the battery life has received a well needed boost.

But before you dart off to spend 24 hours queuing outside your local Apple store to get your grubby little hands on one, consider this, with all this new technology here, this is effectively now a first release piece of technology and will undoubtably be full of holes all ready to be fixed for the 5s. If you already own a 4s, the need to upgrade is purely your desire to own the next best thing to sliced bread, not the need to actually own the phone for productivity or entertainment value.

The larger 16:9 screen has been a long time coming, the new 4G (LTE) support and the lightning fast A6 processor look to stand the iPhone 5 in great stead. But the switching to a smaller connector at the base of the phone will leave you without your Bose/Phillips sound systems that you normally plug into. There will be an “Adapter” but it is expected to be expensive. By pricing the adapter high, Apple are trying to get the accessory manufacturers to follow suit and redesign their own products accordingly, meaning yet more expense to us as consumers.

The new iPhone 5 has been needed since before the last release of the 4s, so this is a very welcome addition to the fold. We are just a little disappointed that we are going to have to buy a new dock to use with our Fidelio system to listen to it.

So add the 21st September 2012 to your diary, get yourself a tent and find the closest Apple store and we will meet you there 😉