Don't be Timid

We’re no strangers to the Ferguson-Hill sound systems, they’re awesome, the FH001 main speakers are nothing short of spectacular. However, given peoples new found tendency to stay in front of the TV; or rather, the more central role the home “Entertainment” system is taking in peoples homes, Ferguson-Hill want us to hear it all better to go along with the serious advancements in viewing technology.

They’re giving us the FH009 Home Theatre System, with a style and presence uniquely it’s own and with an amazing sound to boot. If it’s a cheap system you’re after, then this isn’t for you to be honest, but when you spend over £1,000.00 on a TV, which is clearly for its visual abilities rather than the normal built in sub-standard speakers, why would you not invest in an appropriate sound system to accompany it so you get the full value of the presentation made available to you?

Of course there are various solutions out there, but the FH009 from Ferguson-Hill stands head and shoulders above most of them, the sound is clear and crisp and the system is equally at home delivering your Home Cinema sound as well as delivering one of the best Hi-Fi sounds you will experience for less than the cost of your new TV. We don’t want to bleat on about all of its funky features, nor dwell on the fact it can be used wirelessly by your other devices, we just want to share it with you because we think it is awesome.

If you’re looking for something special to give you that little extra whilst watching the TV, or whilst you’re relaxing reading, or indeed partying at the end of the garden by just opening the windows, then this is just what you’ve been looking for. We defy you not to smile to yourself when you’re walking to the remote to turn on the system, and that’s just from looking at it.

Get it online from Ferguson-Hill for a meagre £795.00, you will not be disappointed.

If you’re still unsure, listen to Mr Hill himself tell you how cool it is at the systems launch in November.

– Dave