Don't be Timid

I for one am always doodling, even in today’s high-tech environment,  surrounded by technology for taking notes, setting reminders and various other time saving devices. I still use a notepad and post-it notes (my screen is covered in them). I often pay a lot of money for my notepads and generally I keep them forever (in a big box rather than in any semblance of order). This offering from MoleSkine is of great appeal to my own workflow and thought processes.

The MoleSkinePaper Tablet” is the freedom of a notepad and pen combined with the archival functionality of all things technology, being able to save, store, search, organise and all the other really useful things a computer does for us.

Even if you do not have your phone or tablet to hand when you have your inspiration, the pen stores its actions in itself so it is ready to sync to your phone or tablet as soon as they are available. So no thought goes unsaved, but of course you will always have the paper record.

The MoleSkine Starter Kit contains everything you need to get going, including all of the instructions you need to install the technical side of things onto your mobile device.

For the small amount of money this actually costs I can see a real use for this in my life, despite the time it will invariably take to learn to hold the new pen comfortably, the time it will save trying to find the right note book after the fact will more than make up for it.

Moleskine Paper Tablet Complete set

So if, like me, you still love to doodle your thoughts, create a physical copy of your notes onto a piece of paper layered against other sheets of paper and held together by glue, then there is a place for this in your life. You can continue to doodle, you can continue to dump your ideas to paper as soon as  you have them, even when you wake in the middle of the night; but you can now also keep all of those thoughts and ideas archived and searchable at the touch of a button.