Don't be Timid

The #ICONIC quote from Star Trek will never be forgotten, that moment when Kirk flicks open his communicator and asks to return to the USS Enterprise will forever be etched in our being. Young or old, the words “Beam me up Scotty” will last an eternity.

No self-respecting “Trekky” would want to be caught with their pants down and a communicator that doesn’t work, well they are in luck. Here is a Bluetooth headset for their mobile phones that actually work, lights and beeps included.


This has been painstakingly 3D scanned from the last remaining Communicator prop in the universe, every curve and line, even the texture of the original housing has been faithfully recreated.

In classic futuristic fashion, no expense has been spared on the technical side of things, boasting a specially made MEMS Microphone for crystal-clear phone calls, a wireless charging stand that keeps the device in place with a magnetic latch and a high-quality speaker for blasting out your favourite music if you desired.

Best of all, this magnificent communicator also has a range of authentic Star Trek sounds and conversation fragments – cementing the Communicator as a serious “Trekky” must-have and bring them hours of unequivocal happiness.

It is crafted from hefty die-cast metal and comes presented in its own foam-lined transit case.

Get it today from FireBox and treat your inner-trekky to the best gift they will ever receive.